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A sweeping historical novel that colorfully tells the life and family story of Bishop Robin Chen, encompassing the entire 20th century, including the Cultural Revolution in China.
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About "red Bishop"

All his Confucian father wanted was for him to avoid common vices of petty gambling and cigarette smoking plaguing idle teenagers and to learn English to ensure a respectable position in Western-dominated, imperial China. The result of this son's conversion to Christianity while attending a mission school is the extraordinary life of Robin Chen, the last Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in China, colorfully told in the sweeping historical novel, RED BISHOP. The intricate and intimate story weaves through key historical events in cinematic description from the end of the Qing dynasty, through the Cultural Revolution, and up to the present aftermath. RED BISHOP immerses readers into 20th century China and recreates the context for its current place in the geopolitical world order while giving life to the personal challenges of the bishop, his family, and the Christian church in China.

Author Robin T.W. Yuan is grateful for your interest in his novel, and would be delighted to sign a copy of the book just for you. 

"China’s world had been upended. ... Christians, especially their leaders, belonged to the counterrevolutionaries, fan ge ming, one of Chairman Mao’s Five Bad Elements. But he believed the Lord would provide. The Word would survive. And smashing the Four Olds would bring a new China. The bishop knew he would never see it, but he held faith deep in his heart, which had endured so much. He strained to lift his head, and he pulled Constance closer. His lips nearly touched her ear. He drew a deep breath and whispered one word—without anger, without hate, with complete conviction. It was a most Christian word. A simple word. He settled back into her arms, let his head sink into her lap, and managed the very faintest of smiles."

About the Author
About Robin T.W. Yuan

Robin T.W. Yuan is a plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, California.
A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, he enjoys tennis, golf, charity work, his violins, and the company of his two children. He is the author of three previous books: Cheer Up! You’re Only Half-Dead: Reflections at Midlife; Behind the Mask, Beneath the Glitter: The Deeper Truths About Safe, Smart Cosmetic Surgery; and The Skinny on Marriage: A Plastic Surgeon’s Practical Guide.

Red Bishop is his first novel, and is dedicated to his family.

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